• I am a contemporary artist working in printmaking, drawing, painting and photography. My practice centres on an emotional response to the landscape, how we might interpret it through allegory and metaphor and explore notions of loss, memory and redemption.

    Since September 2013 I have been studying for an Masters in Fine Art at Aberystwyth University School of Art. These two years of study will offer me the opportunity to further develop my ideas about landscape representation as well as explore in depth new printmaking processes.

    Writing about the significance of landscape, Ann Anderson suggests in Ancient Landscapes, Pastoral Visions that in times of stress “we aim for a pastoral vision – retirement, renewal, restoration of the soul”. It is this redemptive nature of landscape representation that I investigate and articulate in my work.

    As an artist I am interested in how we enter a work, how we focus the viewer and create space to explore ideas and conventions. The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins once described the experience and perception of art and poetry as inscape and instress. Through the notion of inscape I carefully examine features in the landscape or depict closely observed natural structures.

    This immersion in the world around me awakens feelings of both oneness and loss - a contradiction that is often central to my practice. The unstressed is the encounter the viewer has with the work that may speak to memory and imagination and conveys such experiences.

    There are eight portfolios on the website that address different aspects of my work. Feel free to browse and if you have any questions about the work, please get in touch via the Contact page.